August 6, 2013
ESPN: Cancer survivor, 5, scores TD for Browns

With the recent scandals such as Major League Baseball’s PED investigation and the NCAA looking at Johnny Manziel’s possible violations, it’s great to finally see some uplifting news involving sports!

The Cleveland Browns gave everyone a reminder that sports should be about having fun with 5-year-old cancer survivor Ryan Encinas playing out a dream play that any Browns fan would love to reenact with a 40 yard TD run. This is truly a great read. 

(Source: ESPN)

March 17, 2011
Just when you thought athletes were heartless…

… in comes a story that will make you think that millionaires are people too.

Former Clippers coach Hughes was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was struggling with finding a way to pay for life-saving surgery.  It looked like it would be the end for Mr. Hughes, but the generosity (and deep pockets) of Chris Kaman, Corey Maggette, Marko Jaric, and Elton Brand stepped in with the assist (I’m sorry but I had to put a basketball pun in there). 

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